Arriving to the Airshow and car parking

We will publish maps and more detailed information on parking within few weeks.

Arriving by own car

The most convinient way to arrive is to use distant parking areas. They are located at Killeri, Tiituspohja and Hirvaskangas ABC service station. Parking there is free as well as the shuttle buses to the Airshow. Another distant parking place and free shuttle bus is located at Finnish Air Force Museum for the people living nearby village.

Next to the spectator area is a Near Parking. Situated in the taxiway this parking place can take up to 1300 cars and there is a 10€ fee for parking. Closest to the entrance there are parking slots for handicapped with no parking fee.


Arriving by train or from the city of Jyväskylä

There is a free shuttle bus between the Travel Centre and the Airport.


Arriving by airplane

Normal scheduled flights are flown throughout the weekend.

There will be detailed instructions published later for those who arrive by own  airplane. Please note that there will be restrictions on arrival times and no arrival or departure during the Airshow.


Arriving by motorcycle

The parking place for motorcycles is nearby airport. There is no parking fee. Detailed information will be published later.


Arriving by bicycle

Instructions will be published later.


Buses from City of Jyväskylä and distant parking places

All buses drive to the Jyväskylä Airport terminal. The walking distance is about 100 meters. The route to the spectator area is free of obstacles considering immobilized people. Departure from the Airshow takes place nearby the arrival area. There is separate platforms for each departing routes.

All passengers must have a ticket to the Airshow. Tickets are sold at bus entrance areas. You can also purchase ticket beforehand  from Ticketmaster. Shuttle bus timetables will be published approximately a week before the Airshow.

We accept payments in cash and by card.


Charter buses

Parking place for charter buses is located near the Airport terminal. Route to the parking place is entered next to the Airport. There are guide signs pointing the place. There is an entrance to the spectator area next to the parking place. Passengers can leave and enter buses on the parking spot. Charter bus parking is free.