Welcome Spotters


Welcome to the Finnish Air Force 100th Anniversary Airshow to take photos.

This is how you get a Spotter ticket:

  1. Fill in and submit the form below and you receive an email including a link to spotter ticket purchase.
  2. Buy a ticket through the link (Ticketmaster)
  3. You get the ticket at Jyväskylä Airport Terminal when you arrive to photograph


Note that there are 40 tickets available. Ticket price is 90€.

Spotter ticket includes the following days:

14th June 8–18 arriving airplanes
15th June 8–20 display rehearsal, arriving airplanes
16th to 17th June 9–21 Flight display
18th June 8–16 departing airplanes

More information on arrival and departure times will be sent to all spotters during the display week.